Fireplace/Fire Pit-Blue Flame Multifunctional Valve Kit-Staight-1/2″-Flat Black


BTU'S : 250,000 and up to 270,000
– Wood-Burning Fireplace at 22,000 BT u/hr
– Small Artificial Log Sets at 44,000 Btu/hr
-Large Artificial Log Sets and Fire Pits-BTU'S up to 270,000
– CSA Certified for Fireplaces & Outdoor Fire Pits
Fits 1/2″ Gas Line Connections-3/4″ Throat (Fits 3/4″ Flange Included)
Comes with a Flat Black Flange nd 3″ Gas Valve Key. U.S. Patents 8,282,073 and 8,490,947

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Fireplace to Fire Pit this MultiFunctional Gas Valve Kit meets the needs of the homeowner for wood-burning fireplaces, artificial log sets or fire pits. This valve is pre-set prior to installation. Pre-set it for a higher capacity BTU rating of up to 270,000 to meet the needs of large artifical log sets and outdoor fire pits. Pre set it to 44,000 BTU/hr for smaller log sets or pre-set to a 1/4 Turn valve at 22,000 BTU/hr for wood burning fireplaces. Comes with a 3/4″ Flat Black Flange and 3″ Gas Fireplade Key.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 5 x 8 in


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